Death Threats against Climate Change Scientists.

High profile scientists involved in studying climate change have been targeted with numerous death threats, verbal/emailed abuse and harassment.

“It is clear that there is a campaign in terms of either organised or disorganised threats to discourage scientists from presenting the best available climate science on television or radio,” Professor David Koroly from the University of Melbourne.

It has gotten so bad, the Australian National University has moved it’s scientists to ‘secure locations’ and began using security measures.

This parallels the ‘Right-wing Christian Movements’ in the USA, who held a co-ordinated and unco-ordinated campaign of terror and misinformation to undermine the teaching of evolution and to restrict abortion.

The motive in regard to the Climate Change issue, is that a significant number of people feel very, very, threatened by the facts of climate change. Because then they will have to face up to changing their lifestyle, accepting complicity, and possibly affect their income. We are talking about people like Hugh Morgan, who  are willing to do anything to protect their little bubble. And in the process, fuck up the rest of the world for us.

What we are seeing is the greed and selfishness of individuals coming out in the form of a campaign of serious bullying, and deliberately creating confusion. It would not surprise me, if a lot of this is linked through the networks Right Wing Think Tanks and Young Liberal Party members.

I wonder if the Federal Police, ASIS and ASIO have ‘Climate Change Deniers’ listed in their Terrorist Database? I reckon if a ‘Leftie’ or ‘Muslim’ network was doing this, the Feds would be dragging people out of homes by now.


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