A Quick Visit to Boeing

In a follow-up to Saturdays FNB kitchen, an other action was called on Wednesday, 20 July. It was more of a spontaneous action. Motivated by peoples drive to build on the energy and focus that was present around the Talisman Sabre war games.

So 7 people got together at Brisbane Square mid-afternoon, with a megaphone, banner and a ton of flyers. The idea was initially to hit a company called Metal Storm. They are a weapons dealer specialising in new weapons technology. For example, the remote controlled, robotic grenade launcher. Specially designed for the ‘urban environment’. Sad to say they are going broke and can’t afford the rents on Queen Street anymore. They had recently moved their office out to Dara.

It was decided to walk to the offices of Boeing instead. We walked off through Queen St Mall, megaphone spruking, handing out flyers and holding out the banner. Very visual, got a lot of attention, handed out a lot of flyers, and surprisingly (but sadly for Gerry) no police or any officials paying it any attention.

It was fun to creating this spectical. A but more of a traditional ‘leftie’ action creating a bit more of the traditional responces (get a job! f*ckin hippies!) balanced by various supportive shout-outs. Finished up with the traditional brews at the pub after-event.

Through the event I heard a few people did say they couldn’t understand what was being said over the megaphone though. But at the same time created interest with positive reactions. A lot of people genuinely wanted to know what was going on. For example, pulling up at the bottle shop, some guy goes “Hey you lot did that protest today. I was working so couldn’t come out. Hey what’s going on fellas?”

At exactly the same time as this action, Sean O’Reilly and Cully were arrested blocking traffic to the Enogera army barracks. Their hearing is on the 10 August.

Here are the happy snaps!


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