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Industrial Workers of the World Brisbane – USA Prison Strike Solidarity

On the 9th September, 2016, Industrial Workers of the World will help organise and advocate for a General Strike of prisoners in the USA. Below are some related materials for download.



Don’t Forget Those on the Inside


There was a simple solidarity action held by Brisbane Branch in Radcliffe Square, Brisbane, 9th September. A small crew set-up an info table with free zines, held up a banner, and handed out the solidarity flyer. The weather was drizzly and overcast, so there weren’t a lot of people on the street.People in Brisbane generally don’t respond well to this type of weather. Just not used to it.

Regardless we got 100 flyers out, had a lot of good and supportive discussions, and were there for an hour and a bit. Then Brisbane City Council officers told us to move on because we didn’t have a permit under the ‘Freedom of Assemblies Act’ (fun irony right?)

At the same time The Paradigm Shift on 4ZzZ 102.1fm ran a Prisons Show, which included various interviews around the topics of Prison Abolition. These can be heard by Podcast here. And if was great to see a supporter come down and join in as a result of listening to the radio.

Here are a couple of happy snaps. (Don’t mind the greek guy looking grumpy, he was actually having a good time lol)












To get into touch with Brisbane IWW then email iww-brisbane at

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