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A Quick Visit to Boeing

In a follow-up to Saturdays FNB kitchen, an other action was called on Wednesday, 20 July. It was more of a spontaneous action. Motivated by peoples drive to build on the energy and focus that was present around the Talisman Sabre war games.

So 7 people got together at Brisbane Square mid-afternoon, with a megaphone, banner and a ton of flyers. The idea was initially to hit a company called Metal Storm. They are a weapons dealer specialising in new weapons technology. For example, the remote controlled, robotic grenade launcher. Specially designed for the ‘urban environment’. Sad to say they are going broke and can’t afford the rents on Queen Street anymore. They had recently moved their office out to Dara.

It was decided to walk to the offices of Boeing instead. We walked off through Queen St Mall, megaphone spruking, handing out flyers and holding out the banner. Very visual, got a lot of attention, handed out a lot of flyers, and surprisingly (but sadly for Gerry) no police or any officials paying it any attention.

It was fun to creating this spectical. A but more of a traditional ‘leftie’ action creating a bit more of the traditional responces (get a job! f*ckin hippies!) balanced by various supportive shout-outs. Finished up with the traditional brews at the pub after-event.

Through the event I heard a few people did say they couldn’t understand what was being said over the megaphone though. But at the same time created interest with positive reactions. A lot of people genuinely wanted to know what was going on. For example, pulling up at the bottle shop, some guy goes “Hey you lot did that protest today. I was working so couldn’t come out. Hey what’s going on fellas?”

At exactly the same time as this action, Sean O’Reilly and Cully were arrested blocking traffic to the Enogera army barracks. Their hearing is on the 10 August.

Here are the happy snaps!


Press Statement: Food not Bombs Kitchen against Talisman Sabre War Games

Join us at the Food not Bombs kitchen, Brisbane Square, Brisbane CBD, 1pm on Saturday the 16th of July- to voice our opposition to the Talisman-Sabre War Games, 2011.

These military ‘games’ are costing the Australian taxpayer over $100 million.

Who decided that? Not the Australian people.

The games are being held in various locations across Australia including in Shoalwater Bay, part of the Great Barrier Reef region; threatening the areas’ ecology and the existence of more than 25 endangered species.

They represent only a portion of the Australian military’s $6 million a day budget; bleeding resources from essential community services such as health, education and housing.

These games further incorporate the Australian military into the U.S Pacific Command and their system of bases in Australia.

Who decided that?

In a real democracy, citizens have a voice and control over the resources and decisions which affect them. We demand an end to the Talisman Sabre joint exercises.

For more information, our flyer is available at

Death Threats against Climate Change Scientists.

High profile scientists involved in studying climate change have been targeted with numerous death threats, verbal/emailed abuse and harassment.

“It is clear that there is a campaign in terms of either organised or disorganised threats to discourage scientists from presenting the best available climate science on television or radio,” Professor David Koroly from the University of Melbourne.

It has gotten so bad, the Australian National University has moved it’s scientists to ‘secure locations’ and began using security measures.

This parallels the ‘Right-wing Christian Movements’ in the USA, who held a co-ordinated and unco-ordinated campaign of terror and misinformation to undermine the teaching of evolution and to restrict abortion.

The motive in regard to the Climate Change issue, is that a significant number of people feel very, very, threatened by the facts of climate change. Because then they will have to face up to changing their lifestyle, accepting complicity, and possibly affect their income. We are talking about people like Hugh Morgan, who  are willing to do anything to protect their little bubble. And in the process, fuck up the rest of the world for us.

What we are seeing is the greed and selfishness of individuals coming out in the form of a campaign of serious bullying, and deliberately creating confusion. It would not surprise me, if a lot of this is linked through the networks Right Wing Think Tanks and Young Liberal Party members.

I wonder if the Federal Police, ASIS and ASIO have ‘Climate Change Deniers’ listed in their Terrorist Database? I reckon if a ‘Leftie’ or ‘Muslim’ network was doing this, the Feds would be dragging people out of homes by now.

Talisman Sabre Stall at Home Festival

Yesterday, I helped do a stall at Home Festival. It was great to see so much positive community, coming out and getting together. The vibe was chilled and friendly, with enough eccentric randoms and ‘hippies’ to keep it colourful. Chatting to a friend, she said it felt like the way West End used to be, before the gentrification push.

Highlight had to be the Bollywood dancers, and the 6 seater push bike made by Turnstyle Collective. You really had to see it to appreciate it. It was also awesome to see so many other ‘autono-leftie/activistie’ crew having stalls there or just hanging out.

The Stall I helped do was for Brisbane Community Action, a local anarchist collective. It was amazingly well received. I would say more so then any stall I ‘ve done in West End. Over half a dozen books sold and 100+ zines and flyers distributed.

We are solidly promoting the Food Not Bombs vs Talisman Sabre Kitchen, in protest against the Talisman Sabre 2011 war games. And we got a lot of support for our action. More info later, but click here for background or go to The Peace Convergence.

This is the Talisman sabre colour flyer we distributed. Please copy and distribute it everywhere.