Talisman Sabre Stall at Home Festival

Yesterday, I helped do a stall at Home Festival. It was great to see so much positive community, coming out and getting together. The vibe was chilled and friendly, with enough eccentric randoms and ‘hippies’ to keep it colourful. Chatting to a friend, she said it felt like the way West End used to be, before the gentrification push.

Highlight had to be the Bollywood dancers, and the 6 seater push bike made by Turnstyle Collective. You really had to see it to appreciate it. It was also awesome to see so many other ‘autono-leftie/activistie’ crew having stalls there or just hanging out.

The Stall I helped do was for Brisbane Community Action, a local anarchist collective. It was amazingly well received. I would say more so then any stall I ‘ve done in West End. Over half a dozen books sold and 100+ zines and flyers distributed.

We are solidly promoting the Food Not Bombs vs Talisman Sabre Kitchen, in protest against the Talisman Sabre 2011 war games. And we got a lot of support for our action. More info later, but click here for background or go to The Peace Convergence.

This is the Talisman sabre colour flyer we distributed. Please copy and distribute it everywhere.